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our verdict on the Cytrac Vision DX


Cytrac Vision DX

This is the best choice for us in the Uk who want maximum. reception all over Mid Europe .Whilst at the same time taking up the least amount of room on the roof . We can often fit these systems to smaller vans , and where space is very limited on the roof, and these sytems have far superior performance to Domes of any make and are the equivalent of a 70cm dish system, whilst at the same time being every bit as good in the fiercest of winds . The also fold down to just 5.5 inches high and are our best seller for canal boats and many caravans

This system will get all Uk free to air channels ¾ way down into France & down to the South of France in good clear weather. All SKY subscription channels are receivable further afield still .

This system has the option of a single or twin LNB so with the twin you can use a SKY Plus box as you at home , with watch one / record one  , again with the twin you can have two televisions in your van with the ability to watch two different channels at the same time ( each tv will need its own satellite receiver ) As with all Oyster systems ,the dish retracts automatically on engine start up. ( not on caravans or canal boats )

The system is extremely well bullt in Germany and carries a 3 year warranty.

Our high quality fittings carry our own 5 year warranty ( for total peace of mind against water ingress )

And of course if you buy from us , not only will you get the best available price but you will get ongoing technical advice and support for people who understand the system at the technical level

Last Updated: August 18, 2016