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our verdict on the Vision 85cm autoskew

Oyster Vision 3  85cm dish with autoskew

This is the best choice for us in the Uk who want maximum. reception all over Europe including Spain and Potugal . The signals  are transmitted from  the satellite in vertical and horizontal polarisation planes , so for maximum signal reception the planes of the LNB on the end of the dish arm need to line up with the signals it is receiving . Because of the curvature of the earth , particularly as we go East to West the lnb needs to be turned in its holder to line up the planes , correct alignment can extend the range several hundred kilometres and also can enable reception of weaker signals that may otherwise be lost. With the Autoskew this is all automatic so the customer has no need ever to make any manual adjustment to the dish . The autoskew even  turns the lnb into a park position when the dish retracts to protect the roof of the van and the connectors.

This system will get all Uk free to air channels down to the South of France. As you go into Spain the Uk Free to Air channels will be lost . All SKY subscription channels are receivable all over Spain from the Astra 2 satellite on the pan European beam.  To watch BBC and ITV and ch4 and 5 , film 4 and all mainstream british radio all over Spain it is necessary to swap the Satellite to Intelsat 907 which carries backup uk channels in encrypted  form , so you need a system that goes to intelsat 907  easily at the touch of a button, which this one does ,Oyster is one of the very few systems on the market that have Intelsat 907 programmed in ,so reception is a simple press of a button. All you then  need is a satellite receiver that can decode the encrypted signals which is the Icecrypt reciver we have , The software to enable decryption of the signals is availble on the internet.

This system has the option of a single or twin LNB so with the twin you can use a SKY Plus box as you would at home , with watch one / record one , again with the twin you can have two televisions in your van with the ability to watch two different channels at the same time ( each tv will need its own satellite receiver ) As with all Oyster systems ,the dish retracts automatically on engine start up. ( not on caravans )

The system is extremely well bullt in Germany and carries a 3 year warranty.

Our high quality fittings carry our own 5 year warranty ( for total peace of mind against water ingress )

And of course if you buy from us , not only will you get the best available price but you will get ongoing technical advice and support ( even out of hours ) from the  people who understand the system at the technical and operational level

Last Updated: August 18, 2016