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The all new and brand new Oyster V 

Whats new?

Well almost everthing about this new system is revolutionary,  and without compromising the exceptional high quality that has been the benchmark of Oyster Systems for over 30 years

Oyster has had the same tried and tested design of it top box units for over 20 years and are widley regarded as the strongest and most robust and reliable in the industry especially in wind , Many other makers have had more sculptured lightweight designs that fold down lower , look pretty , but are not as robust and lack the basic quality of the strength and longevity of the tried and tested Oyster.

Now the highly regarded engineers at Ten Haaft have designed a new sleek top box design that looks futuristic , pleasing to the eye , and loses 3 Kilogram in weight without a single compromise on the  strong robust design of the present systems  , in fact the clever dish mounting arm actually supports the dish better and prevents flexing in winds .

It dosnt end there , with the new top box design , the new technology that controls it is amazing . The current method of finding the Satellite relies on 4 preset frequencies assigned to each Satellite then the system searches for the chosen satellite , which is ok untill the broadcasters decide to change the frequencies , and the system then fails to lock ,This is common to all makes , not just Oyster, of course the engineers at Ten Haaft quickly react to the changes and make software avilable to upgrade the systems .Many dealers make a charge to upgrade systems ( we usually make the information freely available on our website and do not charge for software upgrades to systems that are still in warranty , unlike many other dealers! )  The all new Oyster V  makes  this inconvenience a thing of the past , the new systems dont search any more , they find . They do this by a 3D GPS system which tells the system which way the van is pointing and if it is level or not , and compensates for any tilting, and it also knows by GPS exactly where the satellite is, and it quickly moves the dish prescisely  on target .

Another useful feature of the new system is it can be controlled by free app downloadable on your tablet or phone , not only can you control the system remotely but diagnostics in the system can tell you , or an engineer over the phone,  if all is well , and any software fix or update can simply be downloaded to your device


Also new is the simplified installation , gone is the large connecting cable between dish and black box and instead it is replaced by a single coax feed ( two in the case of a twin LNB system ) that can be cut to length , so no unsightly cable looms to be got rid of .  For your conveinience we can travel to you nationwide  for the installation



Last Updated: August 28, 2017