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A Guide to Satellites Systems



Satellite reception in leisure vehicles

What you need know      ----        First of all   Domes Versus Dishes

Domes are good in wind , are easy to fit , and that’s about  it for advantages.  They don’t fold down , and  in my personal opinion,  can look somewhat unsightly.  And have a restricted range of operation.

Domes  have a limited range , and  not recommended for reception outside the uk and northern France

Dishes are the best choice for reception further afield and down into Spain and Portugal. With Oyster dishes although wind can be  a consideration,   they are much sturdier than many other makes.

Because of the footprint changes to Astra 2 , reception of all free to  air channels  ( BBC ITV Ch4 Ch5 etc ) is possible to South Of France but not into Spain.

If a customer is a Sky subscriber all subscription channels ( the ones that require a valid viewing card to enable viewing  ) will work even down into Spain , however reception is not licenced outside the uk , but everyone knows people watch outside the UK and in practice it cannot be policed anyhow, the same applies to watching BBC and ITV in Spain (more on this later ) .

If a customer has Sky at home , the advice is to take the sky box from home (which will be mains only ) and use an inverter to power it at all times . If using a Sky box most will be Sky+ so a twin LNB system is the best .

For those who don’t want to take their Sky box from home there is an alternative . We can supply an Icecrypt satellite receiver , small in size ( can be attached to the rear of a TV ) 12 volts and remote control . It also has other advantages , it has a Sky card reader built in so no need to take a Sky box from home , just the viewing card . However when using the Sky card not all subscription channels will be possible , only the basic Sky package , so premium channels that one pays extra for ( sky sports , sky movies etc ) will not be possible .  Another advantage of the Icecrypt box is it has a BISS code editor built in so encrypted BBC and ITV CH4 broadcasts available in Spain from another backup satellite Intelsat 907 can be received . It is necessary to point the dish from Astra 2 to Intelsat 907.

Oyster is one of the very few systems that have Intelsat  907 programmed into it,  so it is a very simple operation to switch between the two satellites , and for systems with autoskew  built in , even better as the difference in skew angles between the two satelltes is automatically adjusted. This information is for those who want to travel further afield in Europe and into Spain and Portugal and use the Vison 85cm autoskew system (twin LNB for Sky + users ) and a single lnb for those who just want to use the Icecrypt receiver. If a customer wants two tvs in the van with different channels at the same time , then a twin LNB is needed . For those customers who don’t want Sky or don’t want BBC and ITV in Spain and Portugal , then a Televison with a built in satellite receiver is fine.

For those where space on the roof is limited we recommend the Oyster Cytrac system which is available in single or twin LNB version. The Cytrac is a smaller dish , fold down to just over 5” high and is bulletproof in wind , hovever the range for free to air channels is good to ¾ down in to France.    Like the Vision 85 it can switch between the two satellites but it does not have autoskew, so a manual adjustment of skew may be needed.


2. Ensure your system is right for you now and in time to come

The beauty of a mobile home is that you can travel to any location you wish to visit, it's therefore essential that you have a satellite entertainment system thats as versatile as it is mobile. Jacksons Satellites have direct experience in travelling with enetrtainment systems and can recommend the systems which offer the best features but above all are extensive in their reception

3. something else

You  get what you pay for, and with a jungle out there to get through, with hundreds of products and dealers popping up all over the place on a daily basis , and many dealers giving conflicting advice it is important to deal with a small family business like ours with many years in this trade, who care deeply that you are 100% satisfied with what we do for you , because word of mouth is our most valuable selling tool and we want you to be a customer for life ,  and feel you were not missold a product which did not live up to what you were led to believe.