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Alarm and Tracker systems

Our high quality alarm range predicts what the potential thief will do and then outsmarts them and the real clever bit is even if the thief steals you pride and joy with key , with the unique "safe stop" system the montoring station can remotely stop the engine ( when it is safe to do so ) and the tracking system can tell the police exactly where the van is . The " safe stop " has a 100% recovery rate and attracts handsome discounts form many leading insurance companies so you will see an immediate year on year return on your investment , not to mention the peace of mind the system brings you.

over 20 years experience in motorhome security and caravan security. Acknowledged as a market leader in motorhome security and caravan security, the company provides a specialised nationwide protection service for motorhomes and caravans with one aim – to provide the best in security.

There are four products available. Caravan Defender is a feature-packed state-of-the-art caravan alarm system and caravan tracking device. Designed as a bespoke solution for caravan security, this system incorporates features to pre-empt known methods of entry or theft; Motorhome Defender is also a feature-packed state-of-the-art motorhome alarm system and motorhome tracking device. With over 90 % of vehicle's now being stolen using a key, the Motorhome Defender was developed to meet this challenge and more!

The Category 1 Motorhome Alarm is Thatcham approved and recognised by all the leading insurance companies; the Defender Tracker is a proactive caravan tracker and motorhome tracker system which is designed to work independently, or in conjunction with your existing caravan alarm or motorhome alarm. With more and more catalytic converters being stolen this expensive to replace item can also be protected with the Cat Defender


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