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Alarms and Trackers

Caravan Defender™ holds a 100% recovery success rate

Designed as a bespoke solution to caravan security, this system incorporates novel features which prevent unauthorised entry, or theft. The combined caravan tracker and alarm used in Caravan Defender™ works seamlessly to offer a degree of protection hitherto unavailable for caravans. Whether the caravan is in storage or in constant use, Caravan Defender™ is on hand to provide security and peace of mind.

Caravan Defender™ provides a geo-fence to protect the caravan - this will send an alert if the ‘van is moved outside the set perimeter. There are two ‘intelligent’ self-levelling tilt sensors which can detect any movement along or across the vehicle. The habitation door will have a wireless door contact which can also be fitted to other doors/lockers as an option. Even the caravan battery is protected by a battery tamper, and a low battery, alert.

Attention to detail is revealed when arming the system. Using either of the two supplied rolling-coded key fobs, the caravan side lights flash twice for ON and three for OFF - there is no audible sound. Should you forget to set the alarm, and are away from your caravan, a single call to the Monitoring Centre will see it armed. Once inside, you are protected further by the wireless PIR detector, which incorporates a lock-out feature to prevent continuous false alarms.  A night/pet setting can also be set to allow you to sleep or leave a pet inside the caravan with the system armed.

Should the thief manage to gain access, the team at the UK Monitoring Centre will contact you and then follow strict procedures to recover the vehicle if it is moved. Caravan Defender’s™ roaming sim card provides excellent tracking coverage throughout Europe and in the UK. Caravan Defender™ is monitored 24-hours a day throughout the year, and is tracked, providing precise location immediately the alarm is triggered. Information on which sensor has been activated is also given.

In Caravan Defender™, the developers have developed a truly exceptional caravan security
system that can be can be fitted at your home by our own nationwide fitters; is also  transferable from one vehicle to another, and won’t break the bank.

Caravan Defender ™ comes with a 2-year parts and labour warranty and is supplied and fitted for £649 – while monitoring costs only £95 p.a. or £395 for five years.

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