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Oyster automatic systems

Ring us for the latest deals we are offering as we can often better the prices , and we will beat any prices offered elswhere !

and if you are not yet ready for it fitting,  order the system now for any time into next year to suit you and secure the sale offer price , save £££££s 

if you are considering an autosatellite purchase please be aware that Domes of all makes now have a severely limited range with coming of Astra 2E which came into service mid February 2014. Anyone with a dome will have limited options particularly with the main BBC and ITV channels,  and will struggle to receive these much below Northern France .

For reception below this in France a 85cm dish or 70cm Cytrac will be needed and will then reach to Southern France for all uk FTA channels from Astra 2 . When going past there and into Spain all SKY subscription channels are still receivable from Astra 2 but all FTA from Astra 2 are lost . However buy a system from us and we can get you all BBC channels and ITV and CH4 right down into Spain easily and we also supply our " Noddy & Big Ears " guide, as well as anytime telephone backup support all over Europe. Just a few of the reasons to trust us with your new purchase.  For Advice on reception if considering any satellite system we advise you to ring us for free no obligation advice , as  it is important to us our customers receive solid advice so they are totally satisfied with any purchase from us.

This offer makes our fitted package the best price available, just look for yourself at the competition Dont forget to add their fitting costs (not always shown) so  why pay more on ebay , or none Oyster dealers with no backup or warranty??  Ring To Order now while its there ( remember we dont take payment until the job is  complete, so there is no risk to your money)

Dont miss out on this great deal .We reserve the right to withdraw this limited time sale  promotion at any time. so ring now to order, we can fit at any time in the future even into next year , and you dont pay until it is fitted and demonstrated to your full satisfaction. Dont forget we cover all the UK so for deisel costs only we can come to you to fit so you wont have to waste time and money on travel and waiting  around for hours in some workshop . Why pay more money to dealers where you may not get our standard of advice or aftercare ?. If you are buying a new van the fitting is vital ! we are used to working on all types of new vans from top end RV`s to much loved older vans , we take the same care and pride in our work on all of them.

Please note when comparing prices on the web "like for like" many companies do not publish their fitting cost , when fitting is added ( and we can come to you work or home nationwide ) we think you will find our packages and service hard to beat . our fitting costs are listed, unlike many companies who are not upfront with all the costs . All fittings are done personally by Robert or Paul,  we do not sub out ! so when we say you will be delighted with our fittings, we mean it  because your "Pride and Joy" is our "Pride and Joy" while we work on it,  just look on the forums at the great feedback we get, we are very proud of it.

Ask about our new small size HD satellite recevers  that can work with a sky card, and get ITV and BBC in Spain ,                                   an ideal companion for all Vision series   12 volt operation
Low power , remote control, card reader for the Sky Standard Subsciption package and onboard EPG , with ability to record and timer record onto a USB device
Small size makes it ideal for motorhomes and caravans    full 12 months no quibble warranty.


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