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About our Fittings

Every Satellite system sold by the family business is professionally installed by the business. Either Robert Jackson or Paul Jackson his son will personally fit your system, and to the high level of  neatness and care we  promise at the time of sale , we hide all wiring and do not cut holes in your woodwork or leave any visible hole in your roof also the "black box" is hidden away as it is designed to be and not left out on show with all the wires to be an eyesore. The result is that when you look in your van you will wonder where  the system is! and when you come to have the system removed for refitting to a new van your van will not be devalued. We have seen many examples of fittings by other dealers where wires are on show all over the place and some can look like a rats nest.  We fit satellites day in day out and know almost all vans,and keep upto speed with modern changes to contruction and electronics, and we limit our expertise to Satellite systems and solar panels. Many ( jack of all trades) dealers fit all sorts of accesories and only now and again put a satellite system on. Not only that, but  because of the ever changing world of satellite broadcasting,  very few motorhome / caravan dealers keep up to speed with changing technology and cannot in most cases  offer the initial solid  and ongoing advice that is so neccesary with satellite systems .

Here at Jackson Satellites we have been satellite engineers and involved in customer care , since its inception in the uk,  so who better to look after you when you need help?

We are complimented all the time by satisfied customers who appreciate the time and care we take with your pride and joy . We have a simple motto,  and that is, every job is done as if the van was our very own pride and joy.

We never sub-contract fittings to local dealers or mobile installers who do not always deliver what is promised at the time of sale - our promise is that we're with you all the way to the end; from initial professional honest advice, on to sales at the very best viable prices and through to support for the years to come.

We have been at the same address and had the same phone number for over 40 years.

Many "Satellite dealers" these days may promise you the earth and then employ sub contract labour to do their fittings, many also will direct you to the suppliers or importers afterwards for warranty work or backup. If it is sold by one dealer and fitted by another , who does the warranty ?

At Jacksons Satellites we do all our own warranty work and have a technical backup helpline you can ring anytime to get you going, with unrivalled customer support we are the first choice for Oyster and Mecatronic

Dont just take our word for it though ,look on internet forums and see for yourself what our reputation is like we are proud of it