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Internet Systems


Jackson Satellites  can advise on Oyster Internet systems , we can come to your home or workplace or even campsite mainland nationwide to fit it,  with a 3 year warranty on the Oyster and a 5 year warranty on our fittings     ( against water ingress etc ) and for budget conscious organisations, and individuals we believe we  beat any competitors price,  and we do it without cutting corners either, you will still get the exceptional fittings and aftercare we are well known for.  ( just compare prices on the web, and don’t forget to take into account fitting and travel costs which many sites wont tell you about upfront )

The Oyster Digital Internet system two way internet and also television with automatic skew , but not available for simultaneous use , so you can use either the internet or watch tv  but you can`t do both at the same time also we do not recommend this system for use with Sky televison packages  , instead we recommend our exclusive Vision Internet for use with Sky and all other FTA hd transmissions

Jackson Satellites as satellite engineers are the only UK company who can now offer our own modified solution so you can view television and use the internet at the same time on an Oyster

.( this is not a manufacturer approved modification ,but it does work and we have tested it down as far as Benidorm  without any need for adjustments )

We take the best selling popular Oyster Vision  system and convert it so you can watch tv on your own trusted satellite receiver, . perhaps Sky plus, or any other PVR  as we provide a twin LNB feed for tv and at the same time you can surf away on the web.

For existing owners of Oyster Vision systems

We can also modify your existing  Oyster Vision 2 / 3 system so there is no need to buy a new system to enjoy two way internet and tv for simultaneous use      " save over £2000 on buying a new system "

  • Automatic search with one-click deployment
  • Now available with up to 10 Mbps connection speed
  • Will provide broadband internet access anywhere in Central & Northern Europe at no extra cost (data charges apply - see below)
  • No degradation of signal due to geographical location (barring obstruction of satellite)
  • Highest quality construction using robust material.
  • Free phone calls worldwide ( using Skype )
  • No phone line required so no expensive dongles home or abroad

The modified Oyster Vision  Internet is capable of receiving all your favorite UK channel satellite channels,  also two way Internet reception without the need for any phone lines ) and is ideal for motorhomes, caravans, exhibition trucks/trailers race teams, and mobile control centres etc.

The system is easy to setup with one button operation and a typical acquisition time or 30 - 60 seconds .

Additional safety features such as automatic retraction on vehicle engine start up are included as standard. As with all Oyster automatic systems

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