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SatSeeker & SatTracker high end systems

 Jackson Leisure Satellites are proud to be appointed as sole uk importers of these high quality systems

That we can sell at budget prices direct to the customer with no middlemen.   These systems in line with our full confidence in them  carry a 5 years guarantee , and are manufactured to our own high exacting standards with a performance as good if not better than top of the range models from any other manufacturer

These systems are manufactured to a very high sturdy and robust design standard , an incredibly strong monoblock gearbox and drive motor design, with none of the weaknesses that we see in other makes.  Also any changes that may be needed as a result of changes to the broadcast frequencies ( software updates ) can be carried out by the user on the comprehensive control panel menu under the guidance of our Noddy & Big Ears step by step guide. So having to send the unit away or go to a dealer many miles away and then pay for the upgrade, is a thing of the past.

In everyday use it is blissfully simple to select any one of any three favorite satellites, with a one button press, available from a pre loaded global satellite library, more than any other manufacturer




SatSeeker     A85 85 cm dish system  suitable for all Europe including Spain & Portugal ( with a suitable receiver )     RRP £2099  introductory price     ring for latest offer


SatSeeker     A60 60 cm dish system suitable  to the South of France RRP £1999                                                                                                             ring for latest offer


Sat Tracker   V290 in motion Dome   suitable for 1/2 way into France       Great for the kids in the back or UK Radio on the move    RRP £1499              ring for latest  offer



All systems are top of the range with twin LNB , Autoskew with A60 and A85 ,  and GPS positioning  fully enclosed and weatherproofed  , as standard,  features that are  only usually associated with the top of range premium systems from other manufacturers,  at much higher prices


send us an email [email protected]  for spec sheets and full details

trade enquiries welcome

Ring Sam 01924848566 for more info or to book a fitting


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