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Package: Vision 85 Quad lnb autoskew suitable for Sky Q reception

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Product Details

This system has been developed by us for use in conjunction with  Oyster systems  It is the first system on the market that can be used with Sky Q . this system allows a twin Sky Q feed so you can watch one and record another and at the same time provides two seperate conventional feeds ( four in all ) so you can you use another receiver as well to get all you favorite BBC and ITV . It is very easy to swap between satellites for Spain and Europe  , and also our receivers are fully tuned to all the channels , even Eurosport on Astra 1 ( which is free to air with German sound ) so  all the hassle is taken out of installing ( most FTA receivers come with no tuned in channels preset , so thats a job you would have to do it yourself , but deal with us and we will do it all for you ) because the skew angle can vary typically by 45 degrees between satellites the automatic skew feature means the adjustments are fully automatic